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Originally Posted by spitfire3416 View Post
I've been thinking about putting my price for lawn cutting on my trailer lately. I notice U-Haul and Home Depot truck rentals do this and it gave me the idea. Something like "as low as $25 per cut".


I did this in 2012 except I put it on the back window of the truck. This way when the gate was down I was still advertising. Also, I put minimum. It deffinately got the phone ringing and I was running all over town giving estimates. For the most part people understood. Some didn't, but when you get there up sell everything. Let them know that your price on the ad is strictly for cutting grass and trimming bushes, treating beds are extra. Also a good time to sell enhancements (mulch, flowers, etc). Like you said it will get the phone to ring. Or you could take that $40 estimate and let them know that your price is for anual contracts that averages the price over 12 months so $100 per month that you may cut 26 times at $25 each over 6 months ends up being a $46 cut. Just make sure they know cancelation fees apply.
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