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Originally Posted by twomancrew View Post
So I've got 100 gallons of it left. Should I give it to a farmer and move on to something else like Harness? I hpe you don't think I'm BSn you. It greens a lawn faster, better, longer than any dry product I've run. I use a 50-0-0 dry on paying accounts and apply one 50# bag per acre. I don't do much with it honestly, not many will pay for it as I mow mostly 10+ acre accounts. It says that right on the label for turf grasses one bag/acre, that's why I assume I have it right. I pit that down in the Spring once the ground isn't greasy.

Sorry OP -but I think you're getting your $$ worth from my hijinks?
Now you are saying you put down dry in the spring where before it was spraying.
Why would you quit using a product if you can keep grass green all year with one app for $3.00 an acre?
Wouldn't it be nice to click on a thread without clicking off an ad?

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