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Originally Posted by Rvldesign View Post
Well why would you want to walk behind a stand on? It can be done but seems kinda pointless. You can walk behind the 2012 ones to If you wire around the switch or stuff it full of grass so it stays pushed down. But still seems kinda stupid personally. But that's my opinion.
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Well here is what I was thinking & have said it here before. Sometimes especially in the spring when everything is still so soft & wet it could help by eliminating the operators extra weight from the machine so one would not rut a lawn or sink in mud.. Also they're are sometimes where a stander just can't do the job & one would have to or need to walk behind it(hill)... I just would like to see how comfortable it is with the V-ride Vs the Grandstand.. The controls on the V-ride look to be higher than the GS & might prove to be awkward when walking behind it...
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