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Originally Posted by jdslucky View Post
yes pugs, the fuel injection is very primitive on these engines. That being said it actually makes it a little easier in that department. What is tossing me for a loop is the governor w/ efi. I can say that if you hold the throttle manually at the throttle body it runs good and steady in the rpm range that it surges. I will definitely wage a small war with said governor!
If you can hold it and it runs steady then I think all the fuel system is going to be fine. Again I am no expert on the Kawasaki DFI but on all small engines with carbs thats how you figure out if you have a fuel problem or a governor problem so...

Try redoing the initial governor setting before anything else. Other than that I really dont know what could be causing issues with the governor. I am not familiar with these enough to know if there is a governed idle spring or not as some engines have for low speed/no load conditions.
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