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That dirtworks link should have been
net NOT com


I reread your post and see this time that the rig is for towing behind a ztr.... okay that make more sense size wise. It's not like you want to use a ztr to pull a 50 gal tank or something larger.... And the mobility of it is more practical to 'pull up' to a hose bib, rather than draggin hose.... cool!

Originally posted by Dchall_San_Antonio
If you take your 15 gallon sprayer ... that will cover 5 acres of grass, trees, ornamentals, or edibles as a foliar spray. .
15 gallons for 5 acres= 3 gallons per acre

Yup, my reference says liquid kelp is best applied at 1/2-1 oz per 1,000 sq ft. That' about 43 oz per acre That recipe chops it kelp to 1/3. Going backwards it would 43 x 3 =129 oz of mix per acre (gallon is 128 oz). So even a lighter application could be done.

I like the mixed molasses idea too. But how about spraying that through the nozzles? A good filter needs to be in place to prevent clogs eh?

While it is true that less is better for foliar applications, it needs to be noted that light foliar applications are not going to do much for 'fertilizing' per se. The kelp is great for trace minerals and conditioning plants/soil. But you are not laying down much nitrogen.

Yes, it will help stimulate the microbes root development and all, but a homeowner needs to understand it would have to be done in conjunction with other beefier fertilizers too.

"I'm going to ferilize your lawn only with kelp" is probably not going to give the result a homeowner wants.

From the commercial stand point though let's remember that EVERY function has a cost.

IF I'm going to pull a sprayer on a trailer every day-- and I'm going to be maintaining the sprayer, making compost tea, mixing the juice, unloading, occasionally running out in the middle of a job, slower mow times if I spray and mow at same time, etc..... THAT is going to increase my costs and time. Instead of 14 properties I may only service 12 properties in a day.

IF I dedicate days to spray only, doing it every month instead of 3 applications will drive costs up obviously.

In any event the costs need to be considered and accounted for before bidding.

So from a homeowner's standpoint of someone doing their organic lawn care as "oh this is nice and I enjoy playing in my yard experimenting" time is of little importance. Same can be said of a facility manger (golf course, school grounds) who is on salary.

My point is the cost of the material corn $/lb or $/Nlb or 4/gallon is only part of the equation.
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