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Originally Posted by Trees Too View Post
Thanks...This was most helpful. For sure if a landscape const. firm has a dump truck. Then the driver will need a CDL.

Regarding CDL Licensing, I found this website.

As far as a Chauffeurs or other Type of "special license". That issue gets pretty dicey as the Regs vary from State to State.
I came across the following website in that regard;
That depends. Definitely not for sure. Like has been said, it varies by state. In PA, I would just need a standard license and a med card to drive a 7 ton dump with hydraulic brakes. As long as its under 26,001 no CDL is needed. I have never seen an LCO here driving tri or tandem axle dumps. The supply yards have them for bulk orders and getting material from one yard to another, but rarely will they use them to deliver material to a clients house with a finished drive as a 72,000lb dump will crack a concrete drive, or rut an asphalt drive. They will use 1-7 ton dumps to deliver material to a finished home. New construction, all bets are off, as they usually have no drive way yet. Around here, at least, the drive is the last thing to put in for that reason.
Just like everyone else on here, I have stuff that cuts, whacks, mows and blows. And way to haul it around.
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