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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Sorry, nice polite post, but I completely disagree.

1. It's not everyday that contractors on forums do anything involving building in water, other than swimming pools and ornamental ponds. So actually thinking you'll walk away with the answers is foolish unrealistic thinking.

2. The OP, if really wanting answers will provide photos, plans, and visuals. I haven't seen any yet. You can't expect quality answers if you're not providing the class with visuals. I could be envisioning one thing that is no where near what the OP is working with. If you want people to invest time in typing away and helping - give us drawings, photos, etc, help us to help you.

3. The contractor needs to call a local engineering and survey company to assist with locating all the points. He/she will have to factor this into his proposal for the job.

4. The Great Wall of China, it was built long before the Internet cam along

5. And my biz was built many many many many many moons before the innernet.

6. In closing, get us drawings and photos if you want good thoughts
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I agree. There are a few questions to be answered before giving a good answer i suppose:

Is the architect giving the engineered plans?
Is the owner of the wall sole owner of the pond and if so,
can the pond be drained below the level of the foundation for the wall?
If not drained how will the OP hold back the water to build a proper foundation

Not speaking from experience here cuz i've never built one, but having a curiosity about it these are what i've come up with.
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