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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
I would never regret avoiding work that does not pay well.

Edit to say: no one should regret.
I agree 100%. I try to live with no regrets in every aspect of life.

I know some of the commercial work must pay well, but not the properties we have bid apparently. The thing that frustrates me, is that working up a commercial bid is quite time consuming, from initial walk around up through writing and submitting the contract and everything in between, and its stressful trying to find the right numbers to be competetive but not leave money on the table.

Some have been a full day process, and then I wont even get a courtesy call on whether or not we won... I follow up to find out of course that we did not get the contract, and they often just say sorry you were too expensive... or sorry thanks for the bid and wont elaborate on why they didn't choose us or even what the bid they took was, even though they are very communicative throughout the bid process....

yet they were bidding the property because the current low bid company did such a bad job, so they replace them with another low bid and repeat the process every year or two. I assume many just bid enough low margin work, then don't deliver on things in the contract or just perform them at a minimal level, and make money just expecting a lot of turnover...but that is not the approach we will ever take.

We will just stick with doing quality and profitable work, and if it happens to be 98% residential thats fine with me. I would like to add some quality profitable commercial properties to the mix, but the time and effort required to attempt to acquire them, has netted us nothing to this point, so I'm not going to stress it.
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