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New Stihl FS 94R Review with photo's

So i just bought the new Stihl FS 94R Yesterday, today I got to use it. The price of the machine was $429 Canadian plus tax.
So this morning I fill it up with mid grade gas and Stihl Premium two stoke oil at a 50:1 ratio. The way the gas tank looks small I didn't think it would hold much gas but I was wrong.
The job at hand was a over grown 3 tiered hillside.
The machine started right away after pumping the bulb and having the choke on.
The job took just under a hour to complete, as you can see in the photo their was still a quarter tank of gas left. I was running the machine at 3/4 speed.
My primary trimmer the last few years as been a Husqvarna 327RJ. I have nothing bad to say about that machine I just wanted to switch to the 94R because of the thing I have heard and read plus all of my other tools are Stihl.
The 94R has good power, not as much as the 100 or 110 but similar to the 90.
I do like the stop button no more on or off switch. The throttle set wheel is another good idea. I had the TSW set to 3/4 which means i could not go over that rpm.
I Can confirm that it take all of the other Stihl attachments, as i trimmed a few bushes just to see if it worked.
From what I did today i can give it a good recommendation. Feel free to hit me up if you would like some questions answered.
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