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jeff, it's one of the screws on the back cover or panel (if that's the tech. part name term). after u take the pull start assy with the 3 screws, it's the next thing to remove, it's got the 4 screws. like mentioned not sure exactly atm what the part back panel cover is called. would think it's called the back panel or back cover assy. today had time and figured would take a look as to more or less to double check my valve adjustment from last wk (really the main adjective for taking it apart today) but at same time see this one screw wouldn't torque down (it's the upper left screw btw, looking at it from the back, right above where the hole is in for carb H & L settings are, it's one of the 4 screws that hold the part i'm referring to as back panel cover). after i had it apart, everything looked to be ok, the screw looked to thread in fine. although i didn't try to torque it down. it looked good, so proceeded to checking the valves. thinking maybe i didn't have it seated right or something, last time i put it back together. anyway get valves check, everything good, put together and same thing as other day, it wouldn't torque down. so looks i could have stripped it out and got some work to do on it. put a piece of duct tape over the hole for now as the screw is grabbing threads but it's not very tight. looked at some ideas online for a fix. get some time maybe a trip to the hardware store hopefully will get it right. might be a while til get around to it but if any are interested will keep posted if it's ok to do and i achieve success on a fix. btw- thanks jeff and and all on the site for all the help and replies, thank you

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