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Originally Posted by wildstarblazer View Post
I like paypal too but need something to keep track of customers at the same time. That's why I was thinking of quickbooks.

You say you can use paypal through quickbnooks? Does that involve some techy stuff? I know your web guy said it's easy but how bout for the lay person. I do my own websites so maybe I can figure it out.


For expenses, it works just like a linked bank or credit card account. You just enter your account info and password in the account set-up and done The transactions show up and you categorize and clear them just like a credit card.

For payments, I can't say as we're currently still using our routing/lawncare software for processing payments per Customer. That will change when we switch to ServiceCEO later this year. They tell me that it will be pretty much seamless, but not having done it yet I can't say for sure.
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