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Hey, back in the 80's I had my guys in tank tops, and so did a lot of other companies. But that was the 80's..... Nowadays, no. Besides, wicking shirts are the cat's meow.

Shorts, khaki, in the Summer and you gotta keep your shirt on. Too hot here for long pants I think, but a couple guys wear them in the Summer. Having hit the ground from a heat stroke and spent a week in ICU for the same, I believe in staying cool.

I do know of a feller who is in construction and only works in the Summer. He wears nothing but a Speedo, the little tiny skin tight kind that offers entirely too much definition, and those foam shoes like you wear water skiing. He makes quite a good living, however it's his exceptional skill in his particular line of construction and not the personal appearance which is bringing in the big bucks.

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