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Hours vary majorly through out our season. Lawns start off easy in April then explode and for 6 weeks or so I put 30 hours a week on the mower I use on my crew. Then that drops off to about 20 hours a week this last for a month or two. Then August hits and one of two things happen we get drought and the hours drop to 15 a week. That has happened 2 times in the last 11 years. The other is its a second spring and we get a nor'easter that dumps a ton of rain and everything looks like May again. Then your right back to 25-30 hours a week on my mower. That has happened 9 times in the last 11 years. But the bottom line is 500-600 hours a season go on the mower and the cutting weeks vary from as few as 25 to as good as 30 weeks. We also use that mower from spring and fall clean ups but thats included in that 500-600 hour number. So it does that in a span of 40 weeks a year. So the math says 12.5-15 hours a week for the work season. Personally if rather just have annual hour numbers for each piece of equipment.
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