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Originally Posted by brunnersltd1 View Post
hello all ! great thread .... i have 2 grandstands 2011 52" 19hp kai 897 hrs
2012 60" 26 hp fs 418 hrs..... my pros: very nimble, does great on hills, does not scalp (i had dealer install anti scalp wheels on the deck) or tear turf with the tires ..... controls are great not too stiff not too tight ( tip) you can dial up forward control speed by adjusting the the tracking nuts , youll have to adjust the safety swicthes accordingly as well, this is not that time consuming...
my cons: does not cut well in wet or tall grass, does not cut well with very weedy turf as well... i dont like that the hand controls are connected via cabling to the hydro pump armatures, and that is because the cabling stretches over time creating the need to adjust on a frequent basis, my turf tracers do better cutting wet and or tall grass.Now , with this said, i have demoed the newest wright stander, johndeere wich is a green painted wright, scag vpro, exmark vantage and gravely pro stance,.... in my opinion/ decision moving foward wil be to purchase either the exmark vantage , or scag vride
I agree. I am on my second grandstand and echo the same sentiments. Not very good in tall wet or weedy lawns. But like you said it is very nimble and agile. After demoing the v Ride and the gravely I ended up buying another grandstand. The scag and gravely were not nearly as agile. They seemed bulky and harder to maneuver in tight areas.
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