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Carb adjust on Stihl Blower/Vac

I bought a Stihl blower/vac last Spring. I THINK the big model - BG86 or something like that - not the CE model. I am a homeowner, but pretty handy with tools.

I always run STIHL oil and use gas stabilizer. I probably have a total of 10-12 hours on the machine. Last summer, the unit started acting up, not wanting to speed up when you pull the trigger, but stall out unless you keep blipping the throttle to bring up the RPMs. I adjusted the carb per the owner's manual several times but it seems like I come up against the adjustment stop before any positive perfomance change occurs. I called the dealer where I bought it, quite a distance away, and he said there was a special tool he has that can be used to remove the "LIMIT, or BLOCK" or something like that that allows more adjustment travel. It sounded like he wanted me to come in and pay for the adjustment. Is there an explanation on the web of how to do this adjustment, or what the tool or adjustment components look like, so I can make my own? Post help here, or PM me if you have any suggestions.
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