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Originally Posted by Valk View Post
You all mulch lush/juicy/TALL Spring growth on a weekly basis?
I can see how mulching 'might' work from mid-June on...but Apr and May weekly mulch-mow's would be a disaster around here...let alone morning dew that eventually burns off.
I know you must reduce your forward speed AND cut/mulch TALL(??)......and as much as I HATE bagging, I think I'd rather bag than mulch in the Spring.
Please share your secrets! Maybe mulch-mowing every 3-4 days instead of weekly in the Spring??
Most of my accounts are set up on 7 to 10 day cuts. I have maybe 8 or 10 that I do biweekly. Im not a big fan of biweekly and dont really offer it. The ones I do have, I've had for a while.
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