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Feels like Christmas.....Again

I am so stoked. I just received a book in the mail that I have been trying to find for some time.

It is an original "signed" copy from Frank B. Nightingale- The father of modern landscape and garden lighting. It is in like new shape- amazing!

I am still looking for an original "garden lighting" copy, but I will have to keep looking.

I do need to mention that Mark Carlson of Avalon and Mike Gambino have written a book entitled "The new, original garden lighting book". Thanks to both of them for preserving such a great book from a man that was years ahead of his time. It truly would have been a shame to lose this work to history. I recommend every serious garden lighting designer get a copy of this book. It is certainly nothing you haven't seen or heard before, but you are hearing it from the innovator himself. Nightingales enthusiasm for "good" lighting design is truly inspirational and will drive you to be better and work harder in this wonderful craft we enjoy.
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