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You should be able to find a new Exmark (same thing) for $8500 (which is what I paid last fall). Demo unit = a little less >> maybe $7900 depending on hours, etc. I was told by dealers that sell both Toro & Exmark -- Toro dealers have to go through a "distributer" which drives up the cost. Whereas Exmark dealers do not.

We did 280 aerations last fall. Put 75 hours on the Exmark. The unit still runs like new. So I wouldn't be afraid of buying a demo (if you can find one cuz they are very hard to find).

These are the same questions I had before we bought one. But if you're trying to "dicker" and save a couple hundred bucks....figure you can make up the difference of paying a higher price in less than 1/2 day.
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