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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
You should be able to find a new Exmark (same thing) for $8500 (which is what I paid last fall). Demo unit = a little less >> maybe $7900 depending on hours, etc. I was told by dealers that sell both Toro & Exmark -- Toro dealers have to go through a "distributer" which drives up the cost. Whereas Exmark dealers do not.

We did 280 aerations last fall. Put 75 hours on the Exmark. The unit still runs like new. So I wouldn't be afraid of buying a demo (if you can find one cuz they are very hard to find).

These are the same questions I had before we bought one. But if you're trying to "dicker" and save a couple hundred bucks....figure you can make up the difference of paying a higher price in less than 1/2 day.

Thanks for the feedback! Obviously its a big investment but the return is looking a lot greater. I can get properties done faster while using less physical energy at the same time. Good to hear the thing doesn't fall apart right away.

Any problems running the machine while ground was soft say after a rainfall? Just pay extra attention while turning to avoid tire ruts?
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