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Originally Posted by msportbiker6666 View Post
Thanks dutch1. ive learned that some places assume their distributor has a part if they themselves are out of stock. I will try in morrning as well, but that allow 1-3 extra days does not sound good.

Interestingly, every local shop, at least 7, all said the same thing: " we have never stocked/had the part". I say interestingly bc i thought the vangaurd series of briggs was a fairly moderate to high production volume and length. is this status quo from briggs? never had a problem with the 2 K's
They dont stock it because nobody stocks rings. Engines dont get rebuilt anymore. They get replaced.

Also, if you were to rebuild an engine and bore it .020 over you need .020 over pistons. The .020 over pistons come with the .020 over rings. And my distributor has 10 of those in stock. That is assuming your engine is 303442-1134-A1 since I believe you have a misprint in your original post.
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