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Something a bit different - if you will be so kind

Hi All. This is a somewhat different post, and I hope you all will cut me a bit of slack here. Not much to do about lighting, but I do need some help.

Recently my Father fell quite ill. We discovered that his collecting had reached epic proportions. For the past 30+ years my Dad has been an auction hound of a different sort. You see he cannot pass up a deal and he has a thing for tools (and hardware, fasteners, drill bits, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc)

To make a long story short... I now have over 130 Tons (no I am not exaggerating) of tools, equipment and supplies to 'get rid of'. There is only really one way to do this without getting ripped off; we are going to sell it. Sell it all.

So that is the story behind It truly is the most incredible collection of stuff in the world.

Getting it all online is a slow process of course, as it all needs to be documented, inventoried, priced and listed.... but we now have over 300 items in the store and are adding more almost daily. There will eventually be well over 10,000 items there. Everything is at least 50% off of retail prices, and 75% of it is all brand new, never used! If you like to SAVE A LOT OF MONEY then you will like

Please help me by spreading the word to all of your friends and family and any contractors, purchasing managers, and collectors you know. Wait till you see some of the deals...

James Solecki
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JSLDesign Inc.

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