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You get so much more than just a mower that you don't have to fill up with gas everyday. You get a new angle to market to new customers. In a sea of gas powered commercial mowers, it's hard to stand out among the crowd just by your equipment choice. However, Mean Green's environmentally friendly and quietly operating units open up so many new opportunities for lawn care companies to differentiate themselves. They will ease the griping of customers/neighbors who complain you come to early to mow their lawns. Which alleviates some neighbors "bad mouthing" your company to others, who think that you have no respect for their sleep schedules. Also, Think of all the possible marketing pitches you could make to environmentally conscious clients, who want to do their fair share for the environment. Also you have to take into consideration all of the curious neighbors and people around you who will be inquiring about your unique mower... How is it so quiet? etc etc (which will really just be a great ice breaker for you to pitch your services to them). I get that these mowers are not similarly priced to a gas model, but once you take into consideration all of the positive benefits that are included in the electric mower package they seem to be on a pretty level playing field. I would LOVE to see this company take off! They are HQ'd right in my backyard and I think they have a potentially great product. I would also love to hear from anyone out there using these mowers.
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