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[QUOTE=SDLandscapes VT;4947810]I think we have hammered home a great deal of "anecdotal" benefits of walkbehinds--but let's face it we all run businesses and it is our goal to be profitable. How does making this switch make us more profitable? What type of company/crew setup will gain the most benefit from this switch? At what point in account mix do you decide to purchase a zero turn? What do those properties look like?

Walkbehind--52" TT X 21 EFI vs. 52" Z of X series quality--meaning not entry or mid level

Purchase price
Cost to operate--fuel, blades, belts, consumables
Operating lifetime in machine hours
Residual value

Other $$ factors to consider:
What else is on the trailer--what is the supporting cast?
What is the business model--mow,blow, go or full service detail oriented
How many on the crew
What types of grass--cool or warm season
What are your fall clean-up requirements
Commercial, residential, or both--subdivisions or country homes

We have done the analysis on all these points and found the walkbehinds are better for us--I understand that there are other benefits, but we made the choice purely on financial reasons and it works very well for us and the clients are loving it[/QUO

What are u finding the useful life span to be on walkbehinds before they need serious repairs? Are u going by hours or years?? Also, what is the cost per hour that you have figured for a walkbehind?
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