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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
I do not sell discounts. I sell quality, dependable, professionalism, knowledgeable.

I have found bargain shoppers to be the biggest pain in the butt's. Let the low ballers have them. They deserve each other.

Free spring clean up?

Forget about it. I would have to do about 6 mows to get the money back that I would of lost if I gave a free spring clean up. Do 26 mow's and when the first 6 are not making you a profit but covering the loss that you started the year out with by giving a free spring clean up.

You just turned your 26 week mowing season into a 20 week mowing season. In effect as if you cut your mowing season short by about 1/5 less gross or to give a percentage, 23% less gross. Cutting prices by that much is low balling.

You want more work then don't give free spring clean ups. Just low ball and lower your mowing prices by 23%. That $35 mow will not be $26.95.
Sounds good! especially the low balling part!
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