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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
That's not what has happened, here. We have a huge, corporate trash service that continually gobbles up smaller companies, to gain area, and raises the rates. About 5 years ago, a couple brothers got together and bought a decent garbage truck and a small set of routes from their employer who was primarily a roll-off provider. Initially, they set their rates at $3/mo cheaper than the big company. It was like the plague spreading. All the green totes in town were being replaced by brown ones. These two guys couldn't get totes out fast enough in their pickup, so they bought a 20' trailer to get more out, per night (because they were picking up trash, all day). Today, they are still cheaper, than the corporate guys. The big company has laid off nearly all their drivers, eliminated office personnel, and laid off nearly all their mechanics. To say that one customer leaving a service provider doesn't affect them, is short-sighted. If one leaves, then another, and another, eventually word gets around, people get frustrated, and that one turns into a bunch. My alley splits 3-block long, dead end streets. There is only one green tote left, in the length of it, and it's a house where the three adults who live there all pull a government check. Your tax dollars are keeping the corporate giant in my alley. Your tax dollars sided, roofed, and put new guttering on their .
Now this is interesting. A giant company falls apart over 3 dollars/month. While I find this extremely hard to believe, I will say that it sounds exactly like what you posted about with talking to people about prices being the same since 1999. Sounds like low ballers doing business with low ballers to me.
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