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Originally Posted by birddseedd View Post
How can you people feel comfortable leaving your gun in your truck? anyone can go into your truck while you are in the back yard and take it???
Perhaps you should focus your anger on the fictitious omnipotent criminal you invented in your mind that can somehow know which vehicles contain a firearm that has been secured inside a safe inside of that locked vehicle.

A firearm locked inside a safe that is locked inside a vehicle is not being irresponsible nor is it leaving firearms for criminals to just "take it"…criminals steal things…stealing is against the law…that is why they are called criminals.

By definition, they are criminals…our laws do not affect them…they simply do not follow laws…criminals are law breakers. The sooner you accept these facts, the easier it will be for you to comprehend that the victim of a theft is not responsible for causing the criminal acts of the criminal who committed the crimes of theft, destruction of property, and whatever other crimes where committed before, during and after the firearm was obtained illegally.

It doesn't matter how many locks and barriers are placed between the firearm and the criminal and it doesn't matter what the punishments are for breaking the laws to obtain firearms through illegal means…these things won't stop criminals from committing their criminal acts…laws and their consequences play no part in the criminal's decision making process to steal things…they don't follow laws and they have already chosen to ignore the potential consequences society has established for being found guilty of the crimes they are committing or are going to commit.

Those of us who are licensed/permitted to legally carry a concealed firearm are overwhelmingly MORE law abiding than the majority of individuals who are not licensed/permitted to carry a concealed firearm. This is true for every type of crime or violation from murder all the way on down to a simple violation for failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.

Victims of crimes should not be blamed for the illegal actions of the criminals who commit crimes which create victims.
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