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Originally Posted by birddseedd View Post
I'm not sure what anger you are referring to, nor am i sure what that whole rant was in reference to. So ill just respond to the only parts that seemed to be relevant to my question.

Obviously if your firearm is locked up and cabled to the truck, you don't have to worry, as its locked up. However, a locked up firearm isnt much of a help when you get attacked. so to me, it seems pointless to lock my gun in the truck all day. If attacked, i don't have time to go get the gun. I would get killed before i even got back to the truck. let alone unlock the gun.

Now as far as leaving it unlocked. This still seems un safe to me. I have watched criminals trying to get into vehicles. They pass over the locked vehicles, and go for whatever unlocked vehicle they happen to come across, then they simply scavenge for anything of value they can find. It's not a stretch for a criminal to stumble across your truck any more than stumbling across any other vehicle.

1. so it seems to me the only choices are to carry it on your person (the only choice that will save you if you are attacked outside your vehicle)

2. carry it openly in your truck where you can at least grab it quickly.

3. lock it in the truck, in which case you might as well say you do not carry a gun at work, since youll not have access to it.

Me personally, I conceal at work. but im not sure I will this year unless someone else is on the mower. I may put it in my lock box under the seat, but if i do, ill just consider myself unarmed until my route is done, then pull it out of the box and go about my day.

But i won't leave it open in the truck, it only takes someone randomly checking for any loose tools they can grab from a vehicle likely to have valuable tools to find the loose firearm.
I interpreted your statement "anyone can go into your truck while you are in the back yard and take it???" with all those question marks as "anger" or extreme disapproval of those who choose to temporarily secure their firearms in their vehicles. Sorry if I misinterpreted your statement.

If the firearm is not secured on your person, it is wise to secure it somewhere else.

A firearm is just one tool that could be useful if one is attacked.
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