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A lot of money, so it was a big pill to swallow. The war department (wife) would not let me buy the Exmark unless we sold some older aerators. We ended up selling 3 aerators that my guys pretty much never liked to use. Total amount was $4500. So that left a $4000 investment. BTW we prefer Exmark over Toro for several reasons.

I would like to thank 2 members in particular for recommending the ZTR aerator. EquityGreen (T-man) & Rabbittman (Z-Man). Two very trusted friends.

Rabbittman said "the machine is a beast". He was 100% correct. I expect the unit to last ten years, and perhaps many more. Kinda like our Western snow plows, if you know what I mean.

Being careful on soft ground? Clay soil lawns = not so much. Loam soils = yep. Better be careful.

Firm clay soils - you can kinda turn, but not fully. Tender loam soils -- forget it. That's where the tine adjustment comes in to play, and you must pay attention behind you in order to minimize turf damage. At that point, it's a judgement call >> doing more damage than good.

Funny thing. When local competitors see our Exmark ZTR aerator, they "stare", cuz they want one too, and I understand. Just like when the T3000 spreader/sprayers were first seen in our market. Weird, but true.
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