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I think we are still missing the forest for the trees--I know from historical data (gathered from another company) that you can run a walkbehind with few hiccups for 10 seasons and up to 4000 hrs. This is in a large company setting with a maintenance program, but abusive and multiple users.

What does your entire mowing setup cost---meaning the entire trailer, all mowers, handhelds, pushmowers, sprayers etc. Who cares if the walkbehind only costs $7--if you have to have it for one lawn and you have Z then it will artificially raise your costs up--to a point where I would get rid of the walkbehind and the account that calls for it. What does everything cost as a group. We use all walkbehinds and they roll at every account--nothing sits--so we don't have to charge extra for equipment that isn't fully utilized. Remember if it is on your trailer at an account whether used or unused it cannot be making money anywhere else and so that account needs to be picking up the tab of having that machine there. We have a fleet of walkbehinds and a big crew so that there isn't a lawn we can't do with our machines--they all run--banks, ditches, wide open, tight landscaped lawns etc. Everything needs to be accounted for and billed for accordingly
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