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Originally Posted by Exmarkboy13 View Post
The only thing I'm still stuck on is a walkbehind (I have 2 hydros) vs. a light weight Wright stander. The stander weights 200 pounds more, but is a whole lot shorter, has bigger tires to lessen the load on the turf, is easier to teach people, and is faster/more comfortable. It uses about the same in gas, and has the same amount of stuff to go wrong. What am I missing?
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stander will leave more ruts when turning around while striping, especially when wet. Then you have to remember its 200lbs plus the rider so probably 380lbs extra. Also ours will scalp much easier than a same size turf tracer.
I disagree its easier to train someone on a wright stander than a walkbehind, all of our employees can use the turf tracers, not all are allowed to use the stander. For larger properties it will save some time, smaller ones it does not.

It does leave a nice cut and will mow through just about anything though, and it is much faster than the walkbehind on large properties, so we keep it on the one crew that mows the larger stuff.
Id like to try an exmark vantage to compare it to the stander in terms of controls.
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