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Part of me agrees that no one cares about "about us" but I think the biggest reason is because most of these pages are boring and use so much generic wording. I think the about us page can hurt the quality of your site if it is totally boring and sounds generic. But if you can make it exciting and original it can be a huge asset to your site. JMO, im no internet guru. One thing I came up with on my own site though is a heading on my "about" page that says "what we've been up to". In this section I talk a little about where we are business wise as well as what services are being performed at that particular time. For example I have on there now that we are in the process of reviewing and revising our business practices as well as serviceing equipment and making plans for the coming year. Then I go into how all of this allows me to run the most efficient business possible and how that translates into great, reliable, affordable service for clients. It kind of makes the reader feel like they are getting a rare inside view of my business while giving me another angle to sell my services.
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