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Originally Posted by JDGlandscape View Post
when i first started i loved snow, now i hate the schedule and unpredictability and irrational customers. the grass season is much much much less stress than winter, but i do make a lot more money plowing snow than cutting grass.
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Here hear!

Las Vegas, used to be prior to the 08-09 crash, one the best places to mow grass EVA!
Mow/fert/squirt/irrgation like mad until christmas, take a few months off because you could afford to and hit it like a crazed mainac come mid march.

You didnt even need to offer other services… what? shrubs? call someone else busy! lol.

Cayman Islands….. numb one in my opinion… ALL resort and high end resi all day…. I think Bob Walker made his mower with this place in mind.

All this and you could live in atlanta, and fly back and forth to work! it's a hop skip and a jump!
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