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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
Yea it would be a really good place for stand on units… tight area, great visibility so you don't back up into something, good transport speed…. guys could get silly tired walking all day… unlike mowing residential there isn't going to be much of a break hopping in the truck to transport to the next job.

Also a place in the gas tank to hold a big drink. or at least some place to hang a drink holder…. stander units should have that.

I really like the Exmark vantage although, I have never owned one.
Standers are good in flat cemeteries. There not so good in old hilly cemeteries with lots of dips and steep hills. The main issue is there a fixed mid mount deck. So when you go over humps it will scalp the grass and leave bald spots everywhere. Walkbehinds with velkes are much better choice because you can easily push down on the handles to lift the deck to go over hills and dips and even small comer stones. It's all about being as versitile and efficient as you can. The more you can mow the less you have to trimm.
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