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I had a 100 acre cemetery here. 60 acres were developed. It took 6 big 60"+ bad boy ztrs to mow 1 day, and 8 guys to trim 1 day. I did it for $90k and contract stated grass couldn't get over certain height. The way i used the chemicals i came out really well on the job. We used grass inhibitors and didn't have to mow as often. Guy mows it now for $80k now. He has 5 hustler Super zs converted some to propane. It takes him 3 days to mow. Guy before us did it for $76k, he had 6 kubota diesels and some diesel hoppers. Hope this helps, they let us spray 4 inches of poison around tombstones to preserve them from trimmers, and it still takes that long trimming.
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