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I wish I could like the previous 2 posts. Very great points Dually. I also agree with SharperImage especially with the spicing up of the page, because it really is boring. Great points. Only place I'd differ slightly is offering insider info into the business or at least not giving away anything proprietary that competitors could use. I can't tell you how many competitors have easily given me the secrets to running an "efficient business" and I've stole them and used them against the competitor. Or better yet, improved them.

I'm just careful about how much info I give out there at any time because ANYONE is watching: customers, potential customers, police, government, IRS/CRA, competitors, opinionated haters, etc. But that's just my style with running a low personal profile, and keeping it all to WHAT service we offer, WHERE we offer it, WHEN it's offered, and HOW much we charge. The only WHO we give is our name, and a million avenues to contact us (online form, 24hr phone, live chat on website, email), all of which are responded to IMMEDIATELY.
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