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I just thought Id take a minute to tell you all how sorry I am about your vehicles, for you guys on the eastern half of the states.. Every other post I read here is "rust on frame/chassis/etc" and if there is one thing I hate its rust. Especially on something like a FRAME! I am on my second '77 pickup and they both have had immaculate southern california frames.. if you scraped about 1/8" of road grime off, you'd find like-new metal.. Even surface rust is rare. (body sheet metal is a different story)

One of my last vehicles, at 30 years old (1970 El Camino) had just as nice a frame. The guy I sold it to said he put the car on a lift, pressure washed it, and it too was like new.. had the original undercoating on it, he didnt have to do anything but spray some new undercoating on and its good to go for another 30 years. Heck even the floor panels were in honest to god perfect shape, and beleive me that car was not a garage queen all its life.

Well before I convince anymore of you to move to so-cal, id just like to say, Im sorry My vehicles are like a part of me, and I could not stand to see them rust away.. I'll put up with the stringent smog laws here in Calif. any day, if it means not dealing with the road salts and whatever else causes that orange-red cancer... good day all

mike reeh
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