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Originally Posted by Kleen Kutz View Post
That's understandable but everybody has different situation. Some of us isn't fed with a golden spoon. Some have to crawl before they walk. I know I started from the very bottom and at some point I grew and continue to grow. That's all I'm saying.

But that's my opinion.....
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Anyone who has learned to build and rank their site (crawling and then walking) most definitely was not "fed with a golden spoon". The analogy makes so little sense that it's like me telling you that you mow straight stripes because you were fed with a golden spoon. The golden spoon metaphor means it was handed to you. As for the advice, well, the advice was simply not good. One person says Yahoo sites. Another says GoDaddy. Another pays an extra $24/month for SEO that would be just as useful if that money were to be set on fire and throw in to a river (I checked and came to this conclusion in less than 15 seconds). All 3 were given as recommendations, which, as well-intentioned as they were, the analogy of saying it's that they're the equivalent of buying your company mowers at K-Mart is...100% dead on.
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