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Originally Posted by birddseedd View Post

Obviously if your firearm is locked up and cabled to the truck, you don't have to worry, as its locked up. However, a locked up firearm isnt much of a help when you get attacked. so to me, it seems pointless to lock my gun in the truck all day. If attacked, i don't have time to go get the gun. I would get killed before i even got back to the truck. let alone unlock the gun.

But i won't leave it open in the truck, it only takes someone randomly checking for any loose tools they can grab from a vehicle likely to have valuable tools to find the loose firearm.
This statement can only be made by someone who has very little actual gun/combat experience.

If you were to be attacked while at work landscaping, where o you suppose it would be?
On the job site?
how is this assailant attacking you?
out of the blue, some dude jumps out of the shrubbery and starts beating you up?
Oh huh… eat this weedwhacker I'm holding.
Meet mr. chainsaw.
Oh ill just run you over with my skid steer.
The job site is so packed full of deadly objects and implements I don't think I'd bother with a firearm unless it was a pitched gun battle, in which case I would use cover and concealment to make it to my vehicle and not have to say…"dang I left my gun at home"

Or maybe this imagined deadly attack will occur at a vendor or in the parking lot?
In which case the weapon isn't in the safe, it's on my hip.

have you ever practiced retrieving a weapon from a portable safe?
that's like saying a police officers level three retention holster is useless, because it takes too much time and effort to get the weapon out.

With enough practice, one can get the weapon out of the properly located safe before one could get it out of his holster if he was seated with the seat belt fastened.

so no it doesn't take very long at all.

finally, if you aren't capable of defending yourself at least some, without a firearm, you probably should HAVE a firearm, because someone will just club you an take it away, because people like that have firearms because they think having one will keep badness away, and aren't willing to use it to begin with.

Warriors use weapons, if you are going to have a weapon, learn to use it. which includes carrying it with you whenever legally possible, and learning how not only to hold on to it and use it, but how to fight your way to it.

most assailants bent on killing you (and not just robbing you) are very very committed individuals (killing people is not something just done lightly) and I hate to break it to you, but the sight of a gun isn't going to scare them off and a single shot isn't going to stop them,,…. if they want to kill you, they can take a hit.

Since 1989, I have used a weapon twice on the job.

Once I saw an awesome buck, went to the truck, got the 30-06 an spent til nearly 9 that night recovering my animal.
The other time I shot a bear, which was self defense and then used a bobcat to help the state troopers remove it.

Ive never been attacked by ninjas from the rose bushes.
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