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Yeah the TT 52 has 1 inch over hang of the deck each side. The tiger cat 3.25

My wright z 48 only has 1inch also. I know more would be nice but I will trade that for better hillside performance.

I can see plenty of value in the TT for $2000 more and for a 5-10 yr investment 2k more is better then me selling if I make the wrong choice.

My main problem is here in AUS I won't find a dealer willing to give me test runs on either machine other than in a car park.

I can't compare anything else to the wright and I would rate it as average on slopes but I know it's limits.

I only hear good things about the TT on slopes.

The dealers look at me strange when I ask about the TT 52. I don't think there are any in the country but I'm in no rush.

Then again how many hrs do the dealers use these machines

Thanks for the replies guys.
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