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Originally Posted by panacea714 View Post
Its great to do GROSS numbers but getting a grasp of your expenditures (gas, blade sharpening, scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, insurance, etc..), is vital in determining what GROSS amount you need to achieve the NET amount you desire.

Work backwards and be sure to account for rain days or other environmental factors (drought, flood, tornado, whatever) that could delay your set mowing schedule. Weekends are not just for side jobs as you'll soon learn.

Controlled growth is positive growth! Grow at the pace that allows you the ability to deliver the best service possible. Ultimately this will be your greatest ROI and the cheapest!
solos will always have a higher net yield per $ of gross than another company wit employees.
Solo's don't have to worry about ROI nearly as much as companies with employees.
Solo's are either making money or not, there are no surprises…

It's kind of like living alone, that hair in the shower drain is all yours buddy!
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