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Originally Posted by JTLarson View Post
I know this is off the main subject of Exmark TT's, but Ferris/Snapper walk behinds have simple crank handles to raise and lower the deck for different heights. Unfortunately they don't have the settings marked with a number so you have to measure the height on a setting and adjust from there if u want specific 3" cuts for example. They don't have the good iCD deck and they are a pistol grip machine vs ECS controls. They do mow and handle well. I am unsure if they have a bagger available for them. Bagging with a bigger walk behind does suck, but although inefficient, you could side discharge first, then do a second pass with the bagger like many do with leaf cleanups in the fall.
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the indicator on a ferris/snapper deck is a pointer attached to the deck, there is a decal with inches and increments on the frame (which doesn't move) This is how you tell what height you are at.

Either your decal is missing on both sides of the mower, or you should read the instruction manual and it would have told you where to look for height of cut.
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