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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
Your tag line is making grass greener and gardens more colorful….

Greener than what? more colorful than whose work?

Those are competitive words, you are saying you can do better than the other guy.

But you look down at pointing out HOW and WHERE, with examples on how you can do better? Or did you suppose you might find some commercial sights that inexplicably have no current landscaper and are letting their place overgrow until you happen to find them?

How exactly DO you make the grass greener, please enlighten me.
Are you going into talk to one of my customers with the hopes of taking my work away from me, so you can have it… but it's unethical to take a picture of how may grass isn't green enough?

Aren;t you already stalking by going in and talking to my client, when you know full well their property is being serviced?

Or are you hoping to help them out in a mutually beneficial arrangement than doing better work than me, as your tag line suggests?

Is this false advertisement? Can I file suit against you under the unfair trade practices act?

I think not.

Your Tag line says it all.
You think you can do better than your competitor… so SHOW your prospects WHAT you will do better.

You are already 'unethically' stalking.

Hey TPendagast. Hehe, you can sue me if you want. Thanks for your insight, like I said, I agree with you in a lot of things. Yes, I go see properties and how they look, thats part of the job, right? And making grass greener is contingent on them buying a fertilization program
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