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Originally Posted by A. W. Landscapers, Inc. View Post
Bad guys don't call their victims ahead of time to schedule an attack.

Bad guys tend to be kind of rude that way in not letting you know when you are going to be attacked.

Wild animals are also very inconsiderate when they show up without first calling your cellphone to schedule their encounter.

Here are just a few animals I've encountered while working on someone's property:

Feral Dogs
Neighbor's Dog
Bobcat (the animal not the machine)

I don't expect to be attacked but I am prepared if something or someone were to try to attack me while I was at work.

If I had one of those crystal balls that can predict the future and tell me the exact time and date that I can expect to be attacked, I'd take that day off.

Until I get one of those crystal balls, I'll just have to settle for having good situational awareness and a means to defend myself.
So you ate one of the guys that keeps your firearm on your hip while mowing?
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wait why do you prefer Scag? I thought you owned a Bobcat that mowed the first American Colonies
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