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Just I thought I would give a brief update. Customer support is outstanding....the program is very solid and worth the cost so far...assuming no more increases it is a damn good value as it makes life easy. You can pull information of course on any customer, invoice them right then and there, send a estimate right then and there while they are talking to you.
I did that this weekend. Homeowner has my company installation 20 pallets of Empire and redoing his irrigation. A large project. He was inquiring about a drain to help with some drainage issues. While he was showing me I was measuring and while he was talking I was typing into my phone. Home owner was going inside his home after our discussion when I heard his phone give him a was my estimate. He stops opens it and comes back and says "that was fast, you do not waste time do you?" This price seems fair let move forward..and just like that a $3400 add on project was added.
It is user friendly over all. I am still learning my way around it but have managed to due so flawlessly so far.

Thanks Jobber.
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