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Originally Posted by Exmarkboy13 View Post
ok, thank you. Now, is something like a lightweight Wright Stander or Stander X still considered "low expense/overhead" like walk behinds? the more i think about, the more it seems like a modified walk behind + sulky combo.. Still stuck on what to run.
From my experience shopping around, the prices of the larger walk behinds and the standers are almost the same. I was quoted over $8000 for an Exmark Turf Tracer and ended up buying the Exmark Vantage for $8100+tax. I started on walk behinds, so for me the stander felt awkward. It was fast and responsive, but I just had trouble controlling it in tight/trimming situations because you have to control the forward and reverse motions along with your body movement, whereas the walk behind you set the forward speed and basically control everything by slowing down one or both wheels or reversing just by squeezing the controls, similar to a Walker mower.

The Wright/Deere standers have you close to the ground like a velke behind a walk behind, but the Scag, Exmark, and Toro stand ons have you elevated higher. Lots of others love the standers and their productivity, but I sold mine to another lawn company that already had 2 and loved them for the residentials they mow. Like everyone else on here says, demo them.

I had a guy drive from an hour away to run my stander and walk behind, with and without a velke, just so he could try out the different options. I was glad I could help. I have purchased lots of mowers to end up with regrets, so I was more than willing to help someone else out. To me it was not a waste of time to help out a fellow lawn mower. I have let several people that mow try out my mowers just to see if they liked them better or for a new experience.

Hope I am of some help. Whatever you get and are accustomed to will be the "best" mower for you, until you try something different. Sometimes change is good, and sometimes it is difficult.
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