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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
Who says Im for Government determining the labor price for cutting greens. I just said that personally I would want a drug addict doing it , and 9$ per hour that about all your gonna get.

Every tea time is worth 400$ to 700$ it does pay to have the best staff that you can get.
I wasn't say that you were asking the gov’t to set a price for cutting grns. Maybe it was simply coincidence that you picked the $9/hr figure and Obama has been talking about making $9/hr the min wage for a few yrs now. If you used that figure in respone to LawnShark’s post that used the same figure, then presumably you’re talking about the min wage, which is gov’t mandated.

But, the chances of a golf course hiring someone who happens to be addicted to drugs is probably no different than the chances of an LCO hiring someone who happens to be addicted to drugs to treat or cut lawns.

I agree that paying your staff well can incentivize high quality work. But, if you operate a business you know the balancing act that comes with wages, prices, and quality. That being said, the 2011 GCSAA Compensation and Benefits Report lists the avg wages for typical greens mowing positions (titled groundskeeper, equipment operator, or something similar) at $10.06 to $11.39. PLANET has a similar report, but keeps theirs behind a paywall.

BTW, South Carolina’s avg pay to the ‘groundskeeper’ position (this is a common title for an entry level laborer) was $9/hr. There were 14 states that paid less than that.
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