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Originally Posted by grassmonkey0311 View Post
I've used craigslist in the past. But like anything else, INTERVIEW them! Don't be so quick to hire someone because you are in dire need to fill a position.

I put my ad on craigslist, get a bunch of responses. 80% are BS. Most are probably only replying tso they can tell the local unemployment office they are "trying hard". Of the 20% I find to be half decent, I pick the top few. Then I do phone interviews, and only the top candidates get a face to face interview.

I find this out to be the best method. Take your time, feel them out, and hire the best fit for your company.

No matter where you put your ad, you'll always get BS responses. You just have to sort through them.
yea i agree with this as well. i hired a hispanic guy last year and he worked out good. always wanted to work, never called out. so those guys are definitely good as helpers but do you think you can find any good hispanic guys who can speak english very well? main thing i want for a foreman is someone who can speak english fluently, to communicate with the customers if they have to, but spanish as a second language would be a huge plus in my mind for communicating with the helpers.
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