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It's more of a matter of adjustments. You need to adjust it so you find "neutral" which is the fine point of where the machine isn't moving foward and the brakes are not engaged yet.

Belt drives are tricky - most think you let the machine do the work....nope that's a hydro.

You need to manually pull them towards you in a turn. It seems tiring at first - but after a while it becomes second nature. Also neither a hydro or belt walk behind are zero turns! Both will tear up a lawn real fast if trying to do a zero turn with either of them. To turn you go right, then pull back, then right again and you should be in the lane where you need to be. A hydro has instant reverse and a belt needs pulled back, but once you get the hang of it you can do it so fast most people won't notice your doing it.

Notice how the guy in this video pulls back ever so slightly? It's hard to see, but that keeps the wheel moving, and when the wheel is moving it won't tear up turf.

Really the difference in the guys who hate belt drives and the guys who love them... is the difference that some know how to make the proper adjustments and others do not. Should be nearly effortless operation once you get the hang of it, reguardless of what you read all over these forums.
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