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Some upcoming work & Mulch Bucket

Mulch bucket for the 750. 10 cu ft per heaped scoop. Can really move the mulch and compost fast with this thing. Didn't think I could find a mini skid (and bucket) to move that much material per scoop. Haven't used anything heavy in it yet to see what the 750 can take, but it picks up full loads no sweat and stays very well balanced, even with the compost.

Next is a picture of an upcoming project we have at a local church. It is a children's & worship facility that we will be landscaping & extending existing irrigation system. Worked almost a day over there this week getting this hillside slicked up, seeded and matted. Will probably be hydromulched when it's warmer, but GC wanted something on the hill pronto before rain this past weekend. Seeded with Perennial rye for right now. Might also add, we had to put this together on short notice from GC, otherwise I would of had my hydro guy scheduled to do the perennial with unhulled bermuda.

Don't know if have put one on before, but next one is of our weatherproof decal we put on our controllers we install.

Last one is the gate into the "Hill Country" Home that we landscaped around this time last year. We will be landscaping the entry very soon and probably landscaping around pool once it is put in. You can also see one or two of them, but we installed 10-12 live oaks this winter going up the driveway. Starting to look like a finished estate.

Am talking with a homeowner this year about their new home's landscape and am getting very excited about it. Unlike what most people want in our area. Loving residential customers like this. I like the challenges.
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