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Ok, I did figure out how to generate an actual printed copy of my work list, I had to manually drag each "job" onto the calendar. Of course there is no real schedule with that sort of tight time frame, be it snow removal or mowing, so when I open jobber again I get all kinds of notifications that I'm "Late".

That's where the "click the boxes for the jobs completed and mark all complete" option would be very handy. Instead it's a 3 step process for each one, open it, click the actions tab, click close job. Then click actions tab again, then create invoice, then click create invoice AGAIN at the bottom of the page.

Now, granted, I can see why it can't be fully automated, as there was a couple that I had to adjust the prices on, and if it automatically generated them all at once it may have been more difficult... But the ability to at least mark them all as completed would take a step out of the process... Plus not being glued to a calendar.
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